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First Sale of 2020


Click here for details on our first sale this year!


Full of color, whimsy and art as well as crystal, sterling and china!  


Attending Our Sale? Things To Know:

QUESTIONS ON SALE ITEMS - If you need to know the price, the size or condition - please come to the sale and check it out in person as we don't answer questions prior to sales.

PARKING - To ensure you are not ticketed or towed, do not block driveways, fire hydrants or stop signs.  Park close to the curb (not the middle of the street) and face your car in the correct direction.

PRICED GOODS - All goods are priced - look for the Hot Pink Tags.

SECURITY - Off-duty uniformed officers are at all of our sales for your security our homeowner's peace of mind!

LARGE BAGS - Large bags and backpacks are simply not allowed, surprising to many it has nothing to do with shoplifting.  Shoppers have been pick-pocketed, bags knock things over and in crowded situations, they have knocked people over.  Leave them at home or in your car.

RESELLERS - All Resellers must show Resale Sales & Use License.  Resellers without this are taxpayers.

LOADING/MOVING - We do not load goods.  If you buy it - you move it.  

PRE-SALES - If it is pictured, it will be at the sale with one exception.  A few times a year we will offer a private sale day to our email subscribers.  When those dates occur, we will indicate so on giving everyone the opportunity to sign up for emails (you can always unsubscribe later!)

AGE - You must be 16 years of age to be permitted inside, with or without an adult. 

PAYMENT FORMS - We accept cash and all Credit/Debit cards for purchases greater than $20.00. We do not accept checks.

ALL SALES FINAL - Test it and turn it upside down. Do what you need to ensure you want it. All goods are sold as is, where is, with no guarantees, warranties, returns or exchanges.

NOT ACCEPTED - No large purses or backpacks (leave them in your trunk) and no strollers.

PRECIOUS METALS - They are not sold at scrap or spot values.  They are priced at FMV or Replacement, whichever is most appropriate for the item or the client situation.

FIREARMS - We will not allow handguns into our sales. Our officers will kindly inform you as you enter.

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