Lyn Huck Estate & Appraisal Services Houston, Texas and Surrounding Areas
Lyn Huck Estate & Appraisal ServicesHouston, Texas and Surrounding Areas


As changes in life occur, Lyn Huck Estate & Appraisal Services provides experience in liquidating the contents of a household or determining values of personal property.

Estate Liquidation

A specialist for more than a decade in conducting private and public sales for complete or partial estates.
Offering in-home or off-site solutions.

The first step is a complimentary on-site consultation where the home and contents are thoroughly reviewed.

If conducting a sale is the right solution, Lyn Huck will discuss the logistics of preparing and executing a successful sale.

If a sale is not the right solution, Lyn Huck will provide you with ideas or options that are better suited for your situation.

For a better understanding liquidation services, review Estate Sales 101.


There are several occasions where you may need a written appraisal or appraisal services, such as:

  • Insuring Art, Antiques, Collections
    and Personal Property
  • Equitable Distribution
  • Estate/Financial Planning
  • Charitable Donation

The process is a straightforward three step process:

  • Review the project verbally or via email 
  • Physically examine, measure and photograph items
  • Research and document from specific items to an entire household

Appraisal reports are written in accordance with ISA and USPAP 2016/2017 professional standards.

For those who simply need information and not a formal report, Verbal Approximation of Value services are available.  This service is typically for those who wish for a little more information/background on items (you have grandma's buffet, what is it and what is the value?).

Appraisals are charged at an hourly rate with a minimum for both written and verbal appraisals.  Rates vary based on services provided, each with a minimum.

To be fully prepared for an appraisal, review Questions To Ask An Appraiser - Click Here for Details

A GREAT article you can quickly review - Click Here

Special Note:  You do not need an appraisal conducted if selling your contents in an upcoming estate sale or if selling your items elsewhere (to a neighbor, an online marketplace).  If you are having an estate sale, the liquidator can provide you with a ballpark of Fair Market Value based on their experience in selling similar items.

Contact Lyn Huck to discuss your appraisal needs.

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